Jimmie (tha Saint) Collier is a sign painter with 33 years experience, trained by some of the old-school sign masters of the days when the traditional art of signwriting was a specialized trade performed by skilled craftsmen & artisians.
For the past three decades, he has perfected his trade painting signs across the US and abroad. Today he carries this lost art into the present day with the attention to detail and expertise rarely found in today's signage industry.

Jimmie is is a long time San Francisco resident and a 1970's graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. In his free time, he makes art, and builds & rides hot rod motorcycles.


Liz Scheidl is a designer, digital art technician & painter. She runs the digital and administrative end of Icon Signs. Schooled in industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Liz brings to the table her years of experience in the visual arts and building trades. In addition to sign making, her experience includes information design, building restoration, construction administration, and the arts.

See art by Elisabeth Scheidl at www.es-arts.com